PCB Prototyping

Engineering Service to Customer’s Design
First Articles
Help with BOM Alternative Components
Design for Manufacturing
No Stencil Needed

Thru-Hole and Hand Assembly

Automated Axial Machine
Accommodates Ammo Pack
Cut Tape
Semi-Automatic and Manual Axial and Radial Prep Machines
Loose Parts
Hand Placement Capabilities
Non-Machine Placed
Odd Shaped
Added on Components (e.i. spacers, ferrites beads, standoffs, ect.)

Surface Mount Assembly

Fully Automated Assembly
No Stencil Needed
KIC Profiler
Flood Box Capability for In-Line Wash

Custom Cable Assembly

Fully Automated Line with Hot Stamp
Brady Label Maker

Electro Mechanical Assembly

Final Assembly so that your only job is to sell to your customers.
Wire soldering on your PCB
Adhesive on your components (e.g. UV, Epoxy, Conformal Coating)
Full enclosure assembly (e.g. Decals, serializing, labels)

Rework Capabilities

Engineering Modifications after Products are completed
Replacing (e.g. power cords, capacitors, resistors, ect.)
Adding (e.g. same as above, UV Adhesive, Epoxy, ect.)
Re-Labeling and Packaging

No Stencil Needed to Solder Paste

You do not have to wait for a stencil to get started on your prototype needs or your surface mount runs. Print solder paste where you need it and even more or less solder where you want.

Through-Hole Insertion Axial Assembly

This machine is placing on axial components that are cut tape or ammo pack.

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